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Volvo C30 Boasts New Charging Capabilities

With so many eco-conscious drivers in the Medford Oregon area, we're always pleased to hear when one of our favorite automakers prioritizes electric vehicle technology. Recently, Volvo has made some impressive edits to their onboard charging technology, and one of our favorite vehicles in the lineup of new Volvo vehicles. The latest edition of the European Volvo C30 now boasts technology that allows it to achieve a full charge in just one and a...

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Southern Oregon Subaru Volvo Mitsubishi Loves the Outlander PHEV

Our Mitsubishi fans in the Medford and Ashland communities have probably already heard about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Here at Southern Oregon Subaru Volvo Mitsubishi, we cannot wait for the cutting edge plug-in hybrid model to get here. We would like to dedicate a Mitsubishi blog post and showcase some eye-catching features and capabilities our new plug-in hybrid has.

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Tune Up Your Subaru with Help from SPT

When you stop by the Southern Oregon Subaru Volvo Mitsubishi showroom to test drive a new Subaru, you'll quickly learn that there's more to buying a car like the Impreza than choosing a paint color. And when you leave the dealership with keys in hand, you don't have to stop customizing. Because Subaru has an entire team dedicated to building performance parts so you can drive the car of your dreams...

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Another How-To for Medford Drivers

Hey there, do-it-yourselfers, are you ready for some more money saving tips and tricks from Southern Oregon Subaru Volvo Mitsubishi? Yes? Good! Because we have some more to share with you. Check out how to change your oil and oil filters below, and then be sure to stay tuned with our blog for our monthly updates on at-home vehicle maintenance.

Changing your oil and filter...

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Volvo Tops European Car Makers in Carbon Reduction

In their recently released annual report on carbon emissions, the European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E), looked at the top players in the European automotive industry when it comes to reducing their carbon footprints. Southern Oregon Subaru Volvo Mitsubishi is proud to announce that Volvo led the pack.

There are of course, different ways to measure how companies are working to cut their carbon emissions, but  T&E simply calculated the amount of…

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The Mitsubishi i MiEV: A fun, sporty, economical, eyeball-magnet!

Let's see, what shall we title this post.  How about "Fun Wow!"  Naw, too much "ShamWow" for me.  How about "Preconceived notions out the window!" Again, nope; too much like I had such notions.  I have it!

Fun, sporty, economical, eyeball-magnet!

You might guess from that title that I had both a good time driving the Mitsubishi i MiEV, and that everyone who was able to turn their heads far enough to gape (in…
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